The Atelier

Create your unique style. All custom made in Europe.
No mass production. No waste. A sustainable business model.


Face masks

Because wearing a face mask is mandatory in some places, it is important to wear one which complements your high-end clothing. That is why you will receive a handmade face mask in the same fabric as your shirt. Stay healthy in style.


A HEIGHLON suit is a true work of art. A sophisticated combination of skills, craftsmanship, high-quality fabrics and materials.

During our first meeting, you will discover the different fabrics from various European mills.

An exclusive and personal service. 


Complete your look with an original pair of HEIGHLON shoes. Different styles, such as brogues, monks, derby’s, chelsea boots, and many more are available.


We all need a shirt that feels extremely comfortable and gives us the style we deserve. Our shirts are custom made for you.


Complete your HEIGHLON look with a custom made high-end belt and amaze your friends and family.

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