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Next to our made-to-measure collection, where you’ll work with one of our tailors to design and create your exclusive outfit,  you’ll also find pre-designed high-end products in our shop, which do not require detailed measuring.

Due to limited stock, the delivery times may vary.


Soon available.

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Shoes & Boots

Goodyear welted and exclusively designed by Heighlon. Made from the finest materials by the best experts in the world.  



Soon available.

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Complete your outfit with our high-end accessories.

Due to limited availability, the delivery times may vary.

We care

The Ethics

Our main goal is to create high-quality and durable products, thus establishing a lean, sustainable, and environmental friendly business structure, where we always strive for 100% customer happiness.

It is the perfect mix of online and offline service. This allows us to work with a very low or even no stock, because we only produce what we need.

Our team consists of highly skilled craftsmen and craftswomen, who are working in the most optimal conditions.

All our products are made and designed in Europe.


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